Please join us in congratulating Laguna Niguel Rotary Club Past President, and Rotaract Chair, Jim McGinley, on being selected as the 2021 Laguna Niguel Citizen of the Year!
But Rotary Club is not the only organization through which Jim provides community service.  For the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce, Jim is currently vice-chair; and he has served as a board member, membership chair, and ambassador for the organization for the past seven years.  He has volunteered for his church, St. Timothy Catholic Church here in Laguna Niguel, and has impacted countless families and individuals through his years of leadership and service with the Knights of Columbus organization.
Jim has also served our City of Laguna Niguel governance directly, through his time as chairman and vice-chairman of the City of Laguna Niguel Parks & Recreation Department. He held leadership positions with the Laguna Niguel Sports Advisory Committee and is the founder of the Laguna Niguel Senior Games.
Finally, Jim continues to contribute to community outreach in ways that are not always noticed. He is always “present” spreading the good news about our community at local events and on social media. In fact, Jim took the initiative to start and maintain Facebook pages supporting the Laguna Niguel Rotary Club and the Knights of Columbus—a communication channel often overlooked. He is always posting community updates to the “Laguna Niguel Residents” page on Facebook as well… and, judging by the comments following his posts, our citizens truly appreciate his efforts!
We are so proud of Jim McGinley and are honored to have him as a leading member of our Laguna Niguel Rotary Club! Keep up the great work, Jim, and thank you for your relentless service to our community!