Our most recent meeting featured our new Laguna Niguel Mayor Sandy Rains. Sandy became Mayor on December 6, 2022. As Mayor, her plans include focusing on the economic development of the city. In her monthly "Mayor's Mention", she will feature two local businesses in a particular neighborhood shopping center. For the month of December, FAM Resale and OKTO Cafe were featured. For January, from the Laguna Heights neighborhood, Sandy selected Sunnyside Donuts and Asian Kitchen.

Another initiative that Sandy is encouraging participation in is the the City's HOA Outreach Meeting as part of the ongoing HOA Education Program to be held in late-March. This meeting continues to provide opportunities to meet City staff, learn about City processes, hear from subject matter experts, and ask questions. Current Laguna Niguel HOA Board Members and Property Managers are encouraged to attend this informative lunch meeting, which will also feature guest speakers from other agencies.